3 Reasons You're Seeing 11:11 Now Revealed...!

You're not alone, so many people are starting to notice that almost every day they happen to look up at the clock and again, it's 11:11!  But sometimes it doesn't even stop there; you send or receive an email and it's 11:11 am/pm...right?! Before long you make a purchase and look down at the receipt and see $11.11 staring back at you and you feel the joy rising - but deep down inside you wonder what is truly means...could it mean something special? The answer is YES, the Universe is trying to tell you something HUGE and I have the top 3 meanings behind it all!

The Power Number/Master Number in Numerology is 11

You are here on an important mission: 11:11 is the 'Awakening Code' for human consciousness. Our genetic cell memory signals DNA activation that aligns us with our Divine blueprint, our life purpose as our eyes and hearts sync with this specific number sequence.

 #1 - Synchronicity: 

If you're one of the people seeing the 11:11 sequence then congratulations because this is indicates that you are synchronizing with your life purpose, your true destiny that acts as a road map back to Self and wholeness. Pay close attention to the people that you cross paths with and the opportunities that come your way as the law of Divine timing is working its magic to bring you to the next step in your evolution! Exciting times are approaching and is marked by the presence of 11:11.

#2 - Raising Your Vibration:

The presence of the 11:11 is literally re-wiring your DNA, what does this mean exactly? You are evolving and becoming the best version of yourself and are on the path of Enlightenment. On a cellular level you begin to anchor in a high Light quotient as your molecules are activated to spin at a much faster rate. You begin to anchor in the frequency of your Higher Self.

#3 - You Are a Light Worker:

Yes YOU! Whether you know it or not, if you are seeing the 11:11 (Awakening Code) or are reading this blog, it's not an accident - it simply confirms that part of your life purpose is to be a generator of love and Light. You are here to teach by simply being an example of the joy and abundance that's possible when you love yourself! You are a beacon of loving Light and you radiate this frequency of love (528hz) so you are making the world a better place simply by being in it! Your life is attracting abundance on all levels in return for your planetary service. The universe salutes you and continues to offer its gentle support by aligning you with the powerful frequencies of the 11:11 Awakening Code.

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