Nice Crossing Paths with You!

Ascension Haven was created with the intention to Serve, uplift and raise the vibration of the planet.

Our products are designed to help you realize your full potential through combining the ancient secrets of the 11:11 Phenomenon with the Miracles of Numerology and infusing that energy into high frequency jewelry and apparel.

Conscious jewelry and clothing hold the high vibration of love (528hz) and commands awareness and attention as you wear it. You anchor and spread this frequency of love to all who see, comment on and ask questions about your jewelry and apparel. We like to think that being yourself, shining brightly and wearing our high vibrational products is an act of Planetary Service! Including our transformational products into your daily routine and on your very special journey to Self and Wholeness is also an extremely powerful affirmation to the Universe that you are ready for a Quantum Shift, and the golden experiences an upgraded reality brings.

 Life has many challenges but there is a lot of support and healing available to us through high frequency jewelry and apparel. You can browse the various spiritual “tools” we offer and read about them in our product descriptions. Through the law of attraction, you will be drawn to certain products that will give you exactly what you are needing on your journey. It’s time to experience the shift, new and supportive energy and to feel the difference in all areas of your life!

And We Give Back Too:

A portion of all proceeds will now be donated to 'Make-A-Wish'. When you make a purchase with Ascension Haven you are spreading the love and contributing to an important charity.

Love & Light,

Ascension Haven