What Does 11:11 Truly Mean?

11:11 is an Awakening Code - a Divine numeric trigger for personal and spiritual Awakening, a symbol of synchronicity, alignment, cosmic connection, affirmation, a tool used for communication and Re- Connection with the Upper Dimensions. The 11:11 number sequence is a "calling card", a direct and clear channel, a celebrated Portal for realizing your highest potential and manifesting high vibrational and empowered realities of Abundance, Blessings, Liberation, Heightened Consciousness...and so much more.
The Awakening Code unlocks your full potential as you synchronize with the frequency of the Universe where the 11:11 number sequence draws its Light, Energy and Miracles from. 

The 11:11 is life force energy! A Benevolent 'Cosmic Companion' of its own that loves finding clever ways to make its presence known to you. It directs its loving energy and carries infused personalized messages for us from the upper dimensions and our loved ones that we individually decode on a cellular level. The 11:11 holds a peaceful energetic signature of pure cosmic love energy which is rejuvenating, comforting and uplifting to the Soul. 
This 'Cosmic Code' activates, accelerates and anchors in our Highest Light Quotient and most of all it helps us to remember our Higher Selves and who we truly are...