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11 is the Master number in Numerology.

11:11 is a powerful number sequence making its presence known to people all around the world through repeated sightings showing up in mysterious and clever ways that just can’t be ignored. The Universe has a ‘Divine Plan’ that is communicated through numbers, delivering powerful numeric messages for us. 11:11 is a “Cosmic Compass” offering support and guidance for your Light-filled journey of realizing your full potential and manifesting all that is inside of you.

The 11:11 cosmic connection has now made its way to you! This is a sign from the Universe, the time is right and you’re ready for a renewed and empowered journey of Abundance, Blessings, Connection, Protection, and Cosmic Alignment that fulfills your heart’s truest desires.

Our original 11:11 Awakening Code Amulet Necklace™ is the physical representation of the 11:11 phenomenon and is infused with the Ancient Wisdom of the Universe and manifests the wondrous inner workings of Numerology.  This Amulet is a powerful affirmation and ‘Grand Salute’ to the Universe that you are ready for the accelerated transformation, all encompassing support, and ‘inner voltage activation’ the miraculous 11:11 Awakening Code offers!

Synchronize with the frequency of the Upper Dimensions and connect with the Cosmos where the 11:11 number sequence draws Its Light, Energy, and Miracles from. Your healing, transformation and Heightened Divine Connection starts now...                       

                               What Does 11:11 Truly Mean? 

Are you seeing 11:11 when you look up at the clock or noticing your receipts come to $11.11? Are you seeing it everywhere like so many of us? This is a signal from the Universe that you are ready to have your Inner Voltage activated, your Consciousness Up-Graded and your Spiritual Connection Accelerated. 

You are here on an important mission: 11:11 is the 'Awakening Code' for human consciousness and Re-Connection with the Upper Dimensions. Our genetic cell memory signals DNA activation that aligns us with our Divine Blueprint and our Life Purpose as our eyes and hearts sync with this powerful number sequence. 

What makes this 11:11 Awakening Code Amulet so cutting edge is that it's the physical representation of the 11:11 Phenomenon and holds Activated Cosmic Energy that merges with our Higher Selves and communicates with our DNA on a cellular level. It is also a powerful meditation tool and its subtle yet prominent vibration keeps you "tuned in" and connected to the Upper Realms. The 11:11 Amulet also works as a clear Channel for heightening communication with your Higher Self, Loved Ones on the Other Side and accelerates Connection with your Angels and Team of Benevolent Beings.

 Wear this Original 11:11 Amulet necklace to connect with vibration of the 11:11 Awakening Code. The Awakening Code represents and anchors the frequency of love and aligns you with your Divine Mission. Wearing this amulet affirms your intention of living a high vibrational life and anchors in Divine Love From Above, Abundance and Blessings on all levels.

This is a special necklace - You Just Have to See for Yourself!


Features & Benefits:

  • New and Improved unbreakable pendant design
  • Absolutely unique; not found in stores anywhere!
  • Activates Abundance and Blessings in all areas of your life
  • Feel Aligned and Supported
  • 4 Sided Laser Engraved Stainless Steel/Non-Tarnish Material
  • 24 Inch Chain Included!
  • Makes a mind-blowing gift for a friend/loved one (if you can part with it!)
  • Now Available in Black Stainless Steel & Sterling Silver too! (See Other Product Pages)

Give the gift of Awakening - The Amulet now comes in beautiful packaging with a guide explaining the 11:11 Phenomenon and how to program this 'Cosmic Compass' making the necklace an amazing gift for your family and friends. 


11:11 Awakening Code Amulet  -  IN HIGH DEMAND!!!!


 #1 - Synchronicity: 

If you're one of the people seeing the 11:11 sequence then congratulations because this indicates that you are synchronizing with your life purpose, your true destiny that acts as a road map back to Self and Wholeness. Pay close attention to the people that you cross paths with and the opportunities that come your way as the law of Divine Timing is working its magic to bring you to the next step on your journey! Exciting times are approaching and is marked by the presence of 11:11.

#2 - Raising Your Vibration:

The presence of the 11:11 is literally re-wiring your DNA, what does this mean exactly? You are evolving and becoming the Highest and Truest expression of yourself; realizing your full potential and are on the path of Enlightenment. On a cellular level you begin to anchor in a Higher Light Quotient as your molecules are activated to spin at a much faster rate. You then begin to anchor in the frequency of your Higher Self and watch the Abundance and Blessings start to flow...

#3 - You Are a Light Worker:

Yes YOU! Whether you know it or not, if you are seeing the 11:11 (Awakening Code) or are reading this, it's not by chance - it simply confirms that part of your Life Purpose is to be a generator of love and Light. You are a beacon of loving Light and you radiate this frequency of love (528hz) everywhere you go and so you are making the world a better place simply by being in it! Your life is attracting abundance on all levels in return for your planetary service by just being you - a conduit of Love and Light. The Universe acknowledges you and continues to offer its gentle guidance and loving support by aligning you with the powerful frequencies of the 11:11 Awakening Code.

Now You Can Anchor in the frequency of 11:11 - 24/7!

Accelerate the energy and vibration of 11:11 by wearing the original 11:11 Awakening Code Amulet Necklace

*Experience the Abundance, Joy and Blessings that synchronizing with the Master Number in Numerology brings!

                                    Love and Light to All!